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Can You Ever Be Too Old To Date?

Your aging body may protest each birthday with an aching back, sore feet, and creaking bones. Yet you need not sit down and watch the world go by just because the calendar adds another year to your age. Wisdom multiplies with each birthday. New experiences expand your worldview, introduce you to new people, and teach you life lessons. You may no longer be able to party all night without complaining about arthritis, but you can share yourself with a companion. Defy the myth that age limits the basic needs of people to be loved, wanted, and valued.

You may fondly remember dating as a young person. You discovered the opposite sex and took off in hot pursuit for companionship, social status, or sex. Perhaps you started a career and eventually married or chose to remain single. As a mature person, you face your golden years and retirement on your own without a mate by your side.

With the lemons life hands you, make lemonade. No matter your age in physical years, you still possess opinions, beliefs, and interests. Pursue a relationship with a like-minded man or woman who seeks mutual companionship and pleasure. Pursue a new hobby. Return to college. Volunteer at a nursery school. Tutor students. Welcome new families to your neighborhood with a homemade meal. Join a mall walking group or a hiking club. Do not allow age to limit your options for enjoyment in life.

Exercise your desires, and pursue your dreams. Make friends with people who care about you. Reach out to someone who will love, cherish, and value you. Use the wisdom you have gained during a lifetime of living to search for a significant other who will share your future. Enjoy life, and live it to the fullest at any age.

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