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Rose Bouquets

Whether for enhancing the visual appeal of the home or a public space, or for presenting to a friend or loved one for a special occasion or just to express your feelings, flower bouquets are a time-honored tradition all over the world. While tastes differ in terms of flower types, arrangement shapes, and all other attributes of a bouquet, the symbolism and beauty of roses are especially loved and popular.

These highly prized blooms are in demand most for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, but are equally attractive choices for any occasion or setting. Rose bouquets impart a classic beauty and heavenly fragrance, and can transform the gift of flowers into something truly special.

But there’s more to a rose bouquet than its scent and sense of good taste. Many associate a rose bouquet’s color with a particular sentiment; red roses are thought to convey romantic love, while orange-hued blooms suggest desire. Pink roses are associated with gratitude, and yellow roses signify joy or friendship. White roses, especially popular for formal occasions, can connote reverence, sympathy, or respect. From the traditional look of a dozen long stemmed red roses to more contemporary incarnations that play with color and form, rose bouquets are an excellent all-around choice for bringing beauty to someone’s life.

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