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Experience the Pacific Coast Highway of New Zealand

If travel to New Zealand is in your near future, one place you will want to consider visiting is the Pacific Coast Highway. Along this coastal road you will be able to see New Zealand in its finest natural beauty, experience some of its best beaches, and dine on local cuisine.

The Pacific Coast Highway runs parallel with the coast along the Coromandel Peninsula and the eastern coastal area. To experience this vacation, book a flight to Auckland, and then take the ferry from Auckland to Coromandel where you can hire a car. Head first to the Hot Water Beach, where you should try to catch the sunset. You can also dig your own hot pool to relax in at this location. From here you will want to visit the hills of the Coromandel Peninsula and the Coromandel Forest Park Reserve, where you can experience walking through a beautiful rainforest full of kauri trees. You can also catch all of the traditional tourist activities, such as shopping and dining, in Tauranga. Of course, be sure to pack your swimming gear, as almost every stop along this drive has a beach for you to enjoy.

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