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Low Cost Meals That Taste Great

Many families are looking to cut back on their grocery bill. Luckily, taste doe not need to be sacrificed. With the use of coupons and other cost saving measures, food can be purchased at a bargain rate.

To save money on your grocery bill, plan a weekly menu. This will save expensive trips to the grocery store. Do not be afraid to use off brand food. Many times they contain the same ingredients as their name brand counterparts. Shop around for the best deals. Many grocery stores will price match a competitors add.

Some of the cheapest food available include beans, rice, soups, pastas and potatoes. Stay away from processed foods as they tend to be more expensive. If your budget is tight, purchase a large ham. A family of four can eat off a ham for five days or more. Ham can be used for sandwiches, soups, beans, dumplings and casseroles. Meat is the most expensive item on any grocery list. When shopping for meat, choose pork or ground beef. They tend to be the most budget friendly. When possible, make meals from scratch. Purchase canned vegetables instead of fresh. If you have a green thumb, consider starting a garden. With a little work, your grocery bill can be cut drastically.

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