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Holly Valance and Finding the Dream

She was a 12-year-old girl from humble beginnings the first time she took on modeling. It turned into a momentous choice that would change her life forever. Success as a model led of course to her acting debut, as young Felicity Scully on the soap opera Neighbours. That was when she really started to get noticed.

She decided to step off Neighbours and went into music, and anyone who knows modern pop music knows her name. Fast forward a few years, and Holly found herself engaged to a billionaire looking at a fantasy wedding. We’ll forgive her and fiance Nick Candy combining their names to come up with “Valandy” and call it a symptom of love.

The way her life is turning out is a dream shared by millions around the world that precious few will ever come close to attaining. Of course, it has helped that she is incredibly beautiful and has a strong singing voice. Holly made a name for herself in modeling, acting, and singing by combining her talent with drive and hard work.

Holly has established herself as an international music phenomenon with staying power. She’s no one-hit wonder and is popular on the club scene. As her career moves forward, we can expect more fun and edgy music and acting.

Thankfully, Holly has seemed to be able to keep her head about her and not succumb to the lure of fame and wealth to become an obnoxious celebrity. She still seems to be down to earth and grounded in herself. That makes her popular with her fans, but she does like her privacy.

Here’s hoping Holly Valance has a long career like fellow Aussie Kylie Minogue. Holly looks to have the staying power, so fans have much to look forward to.

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