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The Best EA Sports Games for Sale

EA Sports has been a source of incredible sports video games for over two decades. Give the following EA Sports titles a try if you are a fan of sports simulated video games.

Madden Football – For more than 20 years, Madden Football, has been a staple in the video game industry. The game is named after retired professional football coach and commentator John Madden. It took four years for the first version to be released in 1988 because John Madden desired the game to be as realistic as possible. Realism remains the focal point of Madden Football. Madden NFL 12 is this year’s version of Madden Football. The game features up-to-date National Football League rules and regulations. The NFL implemented new rules dealing with onside kicks and concussions during the lockout this offseason. Teams may now kick an onside kick from general formations. Also, players may no longer return to a game after enduring a concussion. Both of these new rules are included in Madden NFL 12. Player traits also add to the realism of the game. Their skill points are more dynamic and are contingent upon their recent performance. Running backs and other skilled position players display their unique running and throwing motions. All in all, purchase Madden Football 12 if your aim is to play a realistic football game

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 – Formerly known as PGA Tour Series, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 is EA Sport’s golfing simulation videogame. For more than a decade this game title has included Tiger Wood’s name. But, this is the first year that the game is themed after The Masters tournament that he is so famously known for dominating over the years. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 strives for realistic gameplay like its EA Sports counterpart, Madden Football. Gameplay and control options did not change much from last year, but some of the features do. The golfing game includes commentary by David Flaherty and Jim Nantz . Also, the caddie experience has improved. You can customise it so that you automatically take the caddies advice instead of skimming through various caddie suggestions like in prior years.

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