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Pros and Cons of living in the colourful city of Columbus, OH

Columbus is the capital city of Ohio. For those who are looking for a city to live in Columbus OH is clean and colourful with many educational and employment opportunities. But like many cities in the world there are pros and cons.


Living in Columbus is cheap and affordable. It has been rated as the best city to raise a family in the country since schools are good with lower tax. It is one of the best places to do business although these are major businesses and large stores. The climate is not very extreme. It receives lighter snowfall than most places although there is winter in Jan/Feb and high humidity in August. It has a strong diverse economy with more employment opportunities for mostly the educated compared to other cities. The cost of living is relatively low compared to other major cities. Mortgages are cheap and most people can afford to buy a home or condominium. The city is hassle-free with no traffic jams. Travelling to and through Columbus is easy and fast which can take 20-30 minutes to move from one city end to the other. There are no major Natural Disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, major floods and hurricanes.


There are no sidewalks and there is limited public transportation for those who want to save on gas. Most people drive. The crime rate is relatively high. There is no diversity like in most big cities and the interesting lifestyle that young people are looking for is not there. They say the city is dull. There are also no attractive natural sceneries such as Mountains, hills and beaches since the city was built on flat land, therefore there are few outdoor activities. Food sometimes does not stay fresh for long due to strict health regulations. The football craze and the dressing habits are boring for people who have lived in other cities. There are few small local businesses which a small business can invest in since most of them are large stores, chains and franchises.

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