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Neural Networks

The Philosophical Debate of Artificial Intelligence (10/10)

The invention of machines that can think as well as humans is a subject that can rub people the wrong way. People like to think that they are the only things in the world with higher intelligence and therefore truly unique and in control of their lives. If a machine were to have the same powers of comprehension and creativity …

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Robotics in AI Development (9 of 10)

The science of robotics is frequently considered to fall into the engineering field, a problem having to do more with moving parts than artificial intelligence. Many of the simple robots that are manufactured today are little more than mechanical machines, performing simple tasks such as assembly line work. The programs that accompany these simple machines are hardly what one would …

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Genetic Algorithms (Eight of Ten)

Genetic algorithms (GAs) use many of same biologically-inspired principles that are used in neural networks, although this method of programming uses the genetic model of the human system as opposed to the brain model. This allows evolution through natural selection, recombination and mutation, the same way that living organisms survive and prosper. What starts as many programs performing rather poorly …

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Cellular Neural Networks (7 of 10)

In 1988, Leon Chua and Lin Yang developed the idea of the cellular neural network, a variant of the typical artificial neural network that works off a few different principles. As opposed to the multi-layered and dynamic system of regular ANNs, the cellular variant is usually a 2-dimensional model which has limited communication with its neighbors within the network. The …

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