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The Latest Technology in Digital Cameras

The first digital camera was built in 1975 and a lot has changed since then. Technology is improving every aspect of our lives everyday and the digital cameras are no different. Digital cameras has changed photography for the better and made picture taking as easy for the common photographer as it is for the professionals. LCD’s on the cameras has …

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3 Weird Facts About the Earth

The earth may be the place we all call home, however, there are a few fascinating facts that you probably do not know about your homeland. In a world filled with nature, science and interesting places, it can be a bit cumbersome to catch up on all the latest news. So, just take a few bites at a time, and …

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Crime Scene Investigation: The Real Nature of Forensics

Face it, sometimes there are jobs that very few people would be comfortable doing. In many of these cases we should be grateful for the individuals that choose these careers, this is especially true for the men and women involved in crime scene investigation. Through the use of forensic science and other procedures, these investigators have work days dealing with …

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How Are Fossils Formed?

Fossils are evidence or remains that show an animal or plant previously existed on the earth. The process of fossilization is a complex one as many conditions must exist for it to occur. Think of it as the perfect storm. There must be the correct ingredients of pressure, moisture, acidity and composition of sediment in order for a fossil to …

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