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Sweden in Brief (Currency: SEK)

What is Sweden Like? Someone said, “Sweden has the sophistication of the city and the charm of the village.” The country is mostly flat, with mountains in the west. Sweden has over 90,000 lakes and large areas covered with beautiful forests. The wilderness areas of Norrland have the legendary midnight sun in the summer, Arctic Scandinavia’s highest mountain (Kebnekaise – …

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Experience the Pacific Coast Highway of New Zealand

If travel to New Zealand is in your near future, one place you will want to consider visiting is the Pacific Coast Highway. Along this coastal road you will be able to see New Zealand in its finest natural beauty, experience some of its best beaches, and dine on local cuisine. The Pacific Coast Highway runs parallel with the coast …

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Documents You Need for an All-American Vacation

The United States is, perhaps, the most distant location for a holiday you could imagine. Travelling to the U.S. from Australia is an excellent way to spend a prolonged holiday, but before you schedule your flight or start looking for a deal on fares, you need to make sure that your paperwork is in order. You will be denied entry …

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Enjoy an Affordable Holiday by Travelling Within Australia

Everyone needs the chance to get away from the stressors of everyday life and enjoy a little holiday from time to time. Taking a trip that takes you away from the mainland is quite pricey, however. One way to enjoy a vacation without spending too much money is to fly within Australia. You can get a great deal on domestic …

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