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3 Weird Facts About the Earth

The earth may be the place we all call home, however, there are a few fascinating facts that you probably do not know about your homeland. In a world filled with nature, science and interesting places, it can be a bit cumbersome to catch up on all the latest news. So, just take a few bites at a time, and …

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Crime Scene Investigation: The Real Nature of Forensics

Face it, sometimes there are jobs that very few people would be comfortable doing. In many of these cases we should be grateful for the individuals that choose these careers, this is especially true for the men and women involved in crime scene investigation. Through the use of forensic science and other procedures, these investigators have work days dealing with …

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Dinosaurs That Do Not Know The Meaning Of Extinct

How do we know that dinosaurs, animals that became extinct before recorded history, ever existed in the first place? The answer is fossils and scientists. Fossils are what scientists study to learn about the history of the earth. Fossils are ancient dinosaur bones that were covered up by the earth over time. Gradually, the bone material broke down and was …

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Measurements Are Fun

Math is fun when you start from the beginning and slowly work your way to the top. Math classes that teach all about measurement is a great start to picking up new thinking skills and solving math puzzles on your own. Learning the art of measuring is useful every day to calculates distances, the size of a room, how much …

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