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What is Anzac Day? Why is it Special to Australians?

Anzac Day is considered by the majority of Australians as their most significant national occasion. The 25th of April signifies the anniversary of the first primary military undertaking fought by Australian and New Zealand troops during World War I. Those fighting soldiers soon became recognized as Anzacs (the acronym for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). The pride that recognition …

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The History of Dominoes

As with many classic games that have been played for thousands of years, the true origin of dominoes is not definitively documented and requires some historical speculation. Based on the numbering system of dominoes, it’s almost certain that they were inspired by dice and are probably nearly as old. The very first set of dominoes was found in Tutankhamen’s tomb …

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Ways to Eat Healthy: Healthy Eating and Top 5 Foods to Eat

It is vital to eat healthy if you wish to increase your stamina and fitness. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, then it is important to choose your foods carefully. It is equally important to develop friendly eating habits. Here are some steps on how to eat healthy: 1. Schedule your meals discreetly: It is vital to schedule your …

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