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Tips for First-Time Sports Car Buyers

Buying your first sports car is a thrilling experience. However, before you get caught up in the excitement of test-driving and buying that sports car, make sure you know what you are doing. You can easily pay too much for your first sports car if you are not careful. Have a Down Payment Ready If you cannot afford to put …

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Finding Affordable Insurance for Your Sports Car

Because sports cars are often involved in crashes, they are some of the most expensive vehicles to insure. If you have a sports car, these tips can help you lower the cost of your insurance. Be a Safe Driver The best way to lower your insurance cost, no matter what type of car you drive, is to practice safe driving …

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Five Reasons to Join a Classic Car Club

Once you purchase your first classic car, you might want to consider joining a classic car club. Here are five good reasons to do so. You can discuss your car with people who share your passion (your family may not always be as enthusiastic). Joining a club is fairly inexpensive. Annual dues usually add up to about the same as …

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Planning a Classic Car Restoration

If you buy a well-maintained classic car, you will probably spend time restoring it. If you are using the car day-to-day, you will need to make periodic mechanical repairs at least. If you are planning on entering your car in classic car shows you will need to make a more involved restoration. Having a plan can simplify this complex task. …

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