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Five Tips on Buying Your First Classic Car

A classic car is usually a fun purchase, but finding the right car can be difficult. Use the following tips to simplify the process.

  1. Make a list of makes and models you are interested in. Most models were produced in more than one year, so include a range of years. If you are too specific you might not find any cars available in your area.
  2. Go to look at the cars in person that pique your interest. Unless the car is very well documented, it probably isn’t a good idea to make an impulse buy without first seeing it. Thoroughly inspect the car. Look for rust and damage. Make sure the car starts and that the exhaust does not produce smoke.
  3. Look at the engine. It should be free of heavy grime and dirt. Wiring and hoses should not be frayed or cracked. There should be no staining or weeping around fluid containers.
  4. Ask to drive the car yourself. The car should handle well, and should never seem to labor. If you can, bring the car to a trusted mechanic for an inspection.
  5. Ask the owner for maintenance and restoration records. Make sure that VIN records match up. Be wary if the owner is unwilling to provide documentation.

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