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Buying a Pet on the Internet

Even pets can be bought online these days. But is it a good idea? It can be, if you follow some basic guidelines.

First, identify which breeds are best suited to you and your circumstances. The American Kennel Club website offers a questionnaire to help you define your needs and then provides you with a list of which breeds would be a good fit.

Now comes the fun part of shopping for your future pet. Once you have found a dog you are interested in, find out all you can about its breeding. Interview the breeder if at all possible. Ask if they belong to the Kennel Club and what standards they adhere to. Learn about what papers the dog should come with and make sure the breeder can supply those.

Next, make every effort to see the dog before you bring it home. Visiting the dog will give you an experience of its temperament and personality that a picture alone cannot convey.

If you are satisfied that you have found your match, the last step is to pay for it. Here again, make sure that the process is legitimate. Be wary of requests to mail a money order, or any other means of payment that is not secure. Also find out what the policy is if you should need to return the dog for any reasons.

Following these guidelines will help to make the experience of acquiring a dog both fun and rewarding.

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