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How to Become a CSI Investigator

There has been great fascination and interest in Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) in recent years, such interest has been promoted by various television shows and movies glamorizing CSI. There is no-doubt though that CSI is a vitally import job that plays an important role in society, in fighting crime. So, how to become a CSI investigator, you may ask?

What does Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) entail and what does a CSI Investigator do? The answer actually depends on the agency that offers the job, if you are interested in entering this field of work you can view job summaries to give you an idea of the wide variety of responsibilities this field of work offers. There is ample amount of resources that can be found online that will give you a better understanding of what Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) actually is and does.

A CSI Investigator job usually requires a person to have a degree in science, but there are other types of Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) jobs that only require and applicant to have a High School diploma or a GED. CSI jobs also include crime laboratory work which is done by a Criminalist, a job as a Criminalist will require a four year degree in either Chemistry or Biology, while a Crime Scene Technician job requires less education than a Criminalist. A Crime Scene Technician is just as valuable and rewarding of a career choice as any CSI job.

Interested people looking for a career in Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) can become more marketable by earning themselves a CSI degree or certificate from many respected colleges either on or off campus. Many online courses offered in the field of CSI can be completed in less time than traditional campus based courses and programs.

Once you find a job opening in a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) position that you’re interested in, make sure you have a good resume prepared. Even if the agency that you are applying for doesn’t require one, it would be wise to attach one anyway and doing so could ensure that you get an interview.

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